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dotstripes Values: “C H A M P”


Has ability in adding a value of improvement in every aspect in developing iPhone applications.


Hard Working
Has the eagerness to develop iPhone applications that can simplify, leverage, and entertain iPhone user in their daily life.


Has motivation in making progress as swiftly and firmly as possible.


Has quick response to any suggestions for improvement.


Has commit to focus on customers to give beneficial service.


For almost 5 years since the release of iPhone and Announcement from Apple that iPhone would support third-party “web applications” written in Ajax that share the look and feel of iPhone interface, lots of third-party “web applications” that emerged.


The new era of iPhone third-party “web applications” has been created. Responding to that condition, we are attracted to participate in developing iPhone Third Party “web applications”. So on March 25, 2011, we created “dotstripes” with small leap in vision: “awareness in dotstripes”. We understand that this desire will be hard to achieve so we proclaim a strategy mission: “to create, modify, and develop iPhone Applications”.


After setting up these foundations, we have to put together our dedication and hard work to develop dotstripes as an economic powerhouse in Information Technology.


On behalf of members in dotstripes, we thank all for any kinds of support given.



Statement from dotstripes

Vission and Mision

Vission – awareness in dotstripes                                                                                         Mission – to create, modify, and develop iPhone Applications

Work Concept 

  1. Ideas in which obtain based on level of needs in the society; or Third-party request in creating iPhone Applications.
  2. Assessment and scanning in ideas or Third-party request to build a concept for developing that ideas or Third-party request.
  3. Building model for iPhone Applications effective and efficiently.
  4. Applications Testing and identifying the disparity between what was asked and what ought to be built.
  5. Administration closing or publishing iPhone Application in App Store.

Based on that work concept, dotstripes will able to create, develop, and modify iPhone Applications effective and efficiently using our fundamental values “CHAMP”.